Mommy Summer School

HardwarewordprocessorSince we’ve hit our summer stride, I’ve let quite a few things slide.  Laundry.  Mopping.  Sweeping.  But there’s one thing that I didn’t have in the first place….

Good organization.

Part of my problem is that I’m a part of that generation that didn’t grow up with computers (Brother Word Processor, anyone?) but was introduced to them in during college.  I never typed my notes from class. A blank school planner and a pencil was my life-line.  Yet, now I see how amazing having a good sync-able calendar is.  Computers make a lot of organizing of files and data easy and simple.  But, I still crave the use of a pen and paper to convey my tasks, goals, and any note taking.  Yes..there’s an app for that.  But, in a similar irrational argument that lovers of books hate ebooks, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

But I want to learn. I hate being on that generational gap fence; half in technology and half out. I learned to love ebooks after the simple logical lightbulb of realizing I will never, ever have to physically move 300 books from one home to another again.  When you read as much fiction as I, and have moved as much as I have, that’s a big deal!

So my current summer goals are to discover how to use both Evernote and Scrivener. I know, these have been around a while, but I’m just realizing how I could use them in my life. Both have been heralded as game changers for organizing, writing, editing and making the sticky notes actually become something more.  Can I become a better writer using them?  Will I not have to flip through old scribbly notebooks for my next inspiration?  Or free up space on my phone’s “note” app where I put every idea in and never look at again?  Will it be useful for a homeschooling momma or is it for CEO’s and entrepreneurs? Can I finally get off the generational gap fence and embrace this?  Only by learning and trying will I find out.

Mommy Summer School is in session!