Que the epic

….fail, that is.

Have I mentioned I’m not juggling well these days?  Has my misery over my plodding…and re-plodding…and oh my gosh, where’s my coffee, I can’t deal with this today? been obvious?  I feel like the heel of the bread loaf that’s been forgotten in the pantry and is so unappealing that even mold spores won’t grow on it.

In my dream of dreams I can throw out this old, dry, wrinkly and gross model and upgrade to the new me.  But in reality, that dry yucky toast that is me, is trying to learn and do everything.  I am failing epically!  The last 2 weeks have been, I don’t care how many cartoons you watch at 6:30 in the morning, but if you wake me up to make you breakfast there is going to be some pain in this house!  It’s been realizing my son has been playing video games for 2 hours…eeehhh that’s ok, isn’t it?  It’s been looking at all the little fuzzies on my floor and thinking I will have time to vacuum tomorrow.  I kinda had a burn out and went a bit I don’t care over a lot of stuff that I really do care about.  So now, I’m trying to work my way slowly out of the yuck.  To reclaim a schedule for myself and for my kids.  To actually do the homeschooling we need to do.  To write again, read again and just have fun again!

Sometimes, you have to fail big.  Maybe you need to stay there for a few, just allowing sanity to return to the dazed and confused parts of you.  Just don’t stay there.  Grab that coffee and run towards something epic.  Even if it’s just tackling that mound of laundry waiting for you.